www.sarah-davis.com ~ Sarah Anne Davis ~ SADCAT, Happy Artist.

Who is this Sarah Anne Davis, you ask?

She is a mystery, wrapped in secrecy, wrapped in more mystery. And a sweater, because she gets chilly sometimes.

Sarah has been drawing for fun for a lifetime, and for profit since the age of 15. In the early years she worked on projects for Ponder Games Inc., Channel M, and Coca Cola, and during her 3rd year at Sheridan, interned at Untold Entertainment providing the artwork and animation for video games. She devotes what time she can to her pet project, The Awakened Online Comic. In 2009, she graduated Art Fundamentals with high honours from Sheridan College, and in 2013, she graduated from Sheridan's Bachelor of Applied Arts: Animation degree program with high honours.

Sarah is currently a full-time 2D animator. She has animated for Cyberchase, Doki, The Tom and Jerry Show, FreakTown (still in production), and CBC's feature film, Pirate's Passage.

Sarah has a particular interest in comics, storyboarding, illustration, layout, animation, and talking about herself in third person. Art is her job, her hobby, her bread, her butter, sometimes her jam, her nemesis, and her best friend, and she hopes to continue to learn and grow and take on any and all challenges that come her way.

Why not take a looksie at her artwork and her Tumblr?

Resume: Click for PDF.